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Approve Dog from Draw ()

Use the Process Highlighted Rows button to Approve ALL of the dogs that made your Draw BEFORE sending emails. (Read the box below for details)

Click the Send Draw Emails button Only AFTER you have ensured the DRAW Approvals are 100% completed. Draw Emails can only be sent once and they go to EVERYONE entered in your event informing them to check their entry status.
Send Draw Emails ONLY after ALL
Draw dogs are Approved.

A 'CHECKED' dog is an APPROVED dog.
(Approve, (check mark), 5 or 6 dogs at a time in case you loose intenet connection.)

Approved, Payment Received, and Wait Listed dogs show on this page.

Approve ALL Dogs for the event Before Sending Emails!

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The blue Directory below is by Class and Date. Click to jump to that class or scroll through them all.
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o Who is entered and with what STATUS? (w/Drill Down) Show Entries (Drill Down Details)
o How many runs in each class, seperated by day? Trial Totals: Dogs / Classes / Dinners etc.
o Who is entered at what cost? (w/Drill Down) Participant Summary (Drill Down Details)
o Wait List Info, Is the Trial OVER full? Wait List Determination
o What handlers are tardy with their payment? UnPaid Participants
o Which Classes Have Been Approved for Each Person? Classes "Approved" for Each Person Entered
o What is the Running Order for this trial? Show Running Order
o Is the Running Order ready for all to see online? Publish Running Order(one time only)
o Are there scores that need to be posted? Update/Finalize Scores
o What Participants have withdrawn? Cancelled Entries
o Do you need to UPDATE Particpant Status? Approve, Waitlist, Cancel an Entry
o Who paid by check? Check Payments
o Do you need to PRINT Score Sheets? PRINT Score Sheets
o How many USBCHA Open and Nursery Runs for this trial? Show USBCHA required information
o Do Sponsors need to be Managed by Dog? Dog Sponsor Management
o Approve Dogs that made the Draw? Draw Dog Approval
o Assist with Entry? Assist a Participant with Entry

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