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Love Quality Warmbloods?

Contact Maggie's Menagerie

World Class
Breeding ~ Training ~ Vet Services
Ila, GA (706)789-2616

Slim has quality pups on the ground

Contact: Terri Smith (706)776-5832
One day old below

Fabulous Talent
Terry Smith's Halle bred to Dawn Boyce's Slim
[Born March 12, 2010] Mt Airy, GA

Tink / Luke Pups are in the Oven

Contact: Dawn Boyce (706) 335-6323
Dawn & Tink

Incredible Accomplishments from both blood lines
Dawn Boyce's Tink bred to Chuck Dimit's Luke
[Bred March, 2010] Carnesville, GA

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Dawn Boyce, www.CollieGirl.com

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