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Privacy Policy Information registered with www.DogTrialEntry.com is utilized only in regard to dog trial entry registered participants and/or dog trial entry registered trials and their associated trial hosts. When making online payments via a 3rd party service, it is suggested to review the privacy policy of the payment service used, (PayPal, Google Checkout, etc.). www.DogTrialEntry.com does not retain or maintain personal financial or private identification information as SSN Drivers License number, etc.

** Handler (Event Participant) Services **

Enter trials, see running orders, wait lists, view scores, etc.
o One time Account Profile Management, never type your dogs or a class in again!
o Enter Trials from anywhere on earth, or outer-space if the internet is there.
o Simple clicks to enter, (no typing), and the cost is immediate for each dog.
o Pay online (determined by Trial Host) with POP Money or whatever.
o Manage your entry; change a dog, withdraw from the event, etc.
o See and Print running orders and wait lists.
o See Scores, who placed, and USBCHA points.
o See All of your current and past runs.
o See All USBCHA Sheep Dog Trials.
o Jump to Trial Host web sites.

** Trial Hosting Service **

There are many advantages for your trial.
o Single click 'initial draw' approval.
o Income tracking for budget management.
o Neatly written, no nonsense detailed entry forms.
o Entry Fees are precalculated, precise and accurate.
o Automated individual (or group) emails to participants.
o No hassle automated Entry Open and Entry Close dates.
o Trial Host Managed Drag-n-Drop Running Order and Wait List.
o Trial Host Event Sponsor Management, Tracking, and Reporting.
o *Electronic* Postmarks eliminates reading US Mail post marks.
o Online screens show how your Event is filling up by class and day.
o Automated USBCHA Fee Calculation and Reporing for Open and Nursery.
o Handlers have 24x7 access to their status without calling or emailing you.
o You and the Handler receive an e-mail detailing their entry into your Event.
o Online screens provide the details of which handlers have entered which dogs.
o No typing of Handlers, dogs, classes, and dates for dozens or hundreds of entries.
o Online screens provide Handlers contact information for your trial should you need it.
o The USBCHA compliant running order generator with drag-n-drop run management.
o All of the Participant and Trial Hosting Services are available to you 24/7 any where in the world.
o Trial Committee Members are always up to date, on the same page, with complete and accurate information.

** We also offer a complete "Entry Management" Service **

We handle everything about the Entries, you sit back and see the results.
o We provide the results, you enjoy the event.
o We provide the score sheets for each and every run.
o We provide the 'numbers', and you make the decisions.
o We monitor, accept, and manage the entries to your trial.
o We set up the information for you trial per your guidelines.
o We manage the wait list and un-paid entry communications.
o We approve entries, via your guidelines, as payments come in.
o We accept the checks which are mailed directly to our clearing house.
o We provide a USBCHA compliant Running Order for all Classes Offered.
o We manage all the handler entry accounting issues with your direct guidence.

** www.DogTrialEntry.com is "Cloud Computing" **

Companies and organizations big and small are turning to cloud computing to save time and money, reduce outage risks, and provide information availability world wide 24 by 7. Our computer experts provide ...
o ...a people friendly, common sense oriented web site.
o ...knowledgable trialing and computer support people.
o ...USBCHA compliant results, directly to you at your pc.
o ...the computers, software, backups, verifications, etc.
o ...fast, accurate, complete information for your Event.
o ...24/7 access around the world via the internet for you.

Running order generator ** Including drag-n-drop running order management! **

Event hosts have access to the USBCHA compliant running order generator. This is not the typical spreadsheet program you may have already used with pretty good success. This is real software, written by experts in the computer field. This software automatically accepts entries securely managed by the site database and approved by the Event Host. Then it produces a USBCHA compliant Order of Go with specific input from the Event Host. This software has been tested and used by dog handlers and Event hosts with years and years of experience, it works. The running order generator produces accurate, complient output in seconds. It also handles 'practical' matters. (i.e. How many dogs can an Handler run in a class and at least how many runs should a handler have between running multiple dogs, etc.) It even has drag-n-drop techonology to allow you to easily organize your workers and volenteers on the running order.

About us

Our mission is to be the most reliable, most convenient, and easiest to use, way for trial participants and trial hosts to deal with the paperwork issues of attending and presenting a dog related event. People can now enter events online, any where in the world with an internet connection. Trial hosts will be able to minimize the typical hassles of generating running orders, filling out score sheets, and even calculating USBCHA payment forms that are needed to process an event.. Our services are deployed and monitored utilizing the World Wide Web by experienced, qualified, subject matter experts. Our subject matter experts are available to ensure the effectiveness and quality of our deliverables. We are committed to maintaining the highest standard of excellence across our full line of deliverables by interacting with, and listening to our customers and potential customers, and also through Participant Events, Inc. employee education.

Trial Host Services

Trial Hosts will be able to auto-generate USBCHA compliant Running Orders, review whom has entered, the trial, and see other trial statisics and information about your trial.

Generated Order of Go

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