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Apply payments / update payment status


Re-GENERATION of Running Order Entry Status Changes May Affect Your Running Order if already drawn

    Using this page AUTO SEND emails: This page automatically sends emails to each hanler that gets a status change. o Turn Off Email Sending - Shuts off email for one APPLY CHECKED ENTRIES, then it automatically comes back on.

SCRATCH - Scratch is used to SCRATCH a PAID entry after closing date.
CANCEL - Cancel is used to DELETE an entry.

NOTE: After closing date, use SCRATCH should be used, not CANCEL.
If you CANCEL an entry after closing date, you should RE-DO the RUNNING ORDER and SCORE SHEETS to reflect the cancelled entry is gone.

(1) Click "Pay Recvd Only", "Apv(Full Pay)", "Wait(Full Pay)", "Canc Entry", or "Scratch Entry" circles to change payment/status. Beware: CANCELLING CAN NOT BE UNDONE, it removes the entry from the sysem.
     "Verify and Enter Payment if different then the TTL Paid defaulted amount."
(2) Use the orange "Apply Checked Entries" button to update the payment status
    (or the orange "Apply Checked Entries" link).
(3) Use the orange "Show Entries" button to see the updated the payment status
a) The orange "Return to Admin Menu" button cancels the current page.
    (so does the orange "CANCEL current clicks link).
b) The orange "Apply Checked Entries" button updates the database for checked particpants.
c) The "Turn off Clicks" circle shuts off the other circles.

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Click here to CANCEL current clicksOr click here to Apply Checked Entries that you have entered on this page
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